No Mountain Toilets for 2010

As a result of not having mountain toilets on Mt. Baker for the 2010 season, we are asking all overnight users to please utilize blue bags, wag bags or personal waste removal systems in order to collect and pack out all human waste. Blue bag and wag bag systems can be acquired from the USFS Glacier and Sedro Woolley Public Service Centers free of charge.
Not using any of the systems mentioned above is unacceptable, as are the findings from this past weekend near and around Hogsback camps. Leaving your waste behind, whether it is bagged or not, is a violation of forest regulation, not to mention incredibly irresponsible. Let it be known that violators will be cited for waste infractions.

Furthermore, all visitors are being asked not to deposit gear caches or leave belongings unattended unless they are within your tent or concealed by a vestibule. This includes extra gear, food, bagged human waste and trash. All of these items minus the bagged human waste should be stored inside your tent until your return to camp.
Additionally, blue bags, wag bags or personal systems need to be stored under your vestibule or buried under snow within your vestibule until your return as well. As you can see the ravens are already snooping around. Please take the steps necessary so you don't find yourself with a mess or your gear and trash spread throughout camp. 

On a lighter note, here are some of the highlights from this past weekend on the north side of  Mt. Baker. 

Mt. Baker and Colfax

Bellingham Bay, San Juans and the Puget Sound

Robie Reid and Judge Howay

Robie Reid and Judge Howay