Mountain Toilets on Mt. Baker for 2011

Mountain toilets have arrived on Mount Baker! A total of 16 toilets have been delivered to camps on the northern  and southern flanks of the mountain. These vault toilets can be found at the following locations until mid-September: 

Black Buttes Camp @ approx. 7,200 ft.
Hogsback Camps @ approx. 6,000 ft.
Climber's Camp @ approx. 6,500 ft.
Sandy Camp @ approx. 6,000 ft.
High Camp @ approx. 5,250 ft.
Railroad Camp @ approx. 4,800 ft.
Cathedral Camp @ approx. 5,000 ft.
Park Butte Lookout @ approx. 5,400 ft.

An important reminder that the mountain toilets are receptacles for human waste and toilet paper only. Blue Bags, Wag Bags, food wrappers, camp garbage or any other form of waste removal system and or refuge is NOT to be put into the mountain toilets. Thanks and as always happy climbing!