Leave No Trace Camping

The snow has finally begun to melt out in the ridges and inner moraines in and around the climbers camps on Mt. Baker. Overnight visitors have had some short windows to claim there five star camp sites so far, however, as more of this flat and dry real estate unveils itself, there are some things we should all keep in mind to lessen our impact on this alpine environment.

Camping on snow where possible is still encouraged rather than creating a new camp site or perhaps disturbing a rehabitaited site.

If you are not prepared to snow camp (which all parties should be) and choose to make camp in an otherwise undisturbed area or on an old rehabilitated site, there are techniques which you can employ to leave these areas as pristine as you found them or perhaps even more so.

This series of photos provides a good example of how to alter an otherwise undisturbed site on a ridge in the alpine environment into a camp for the weekend and then return it back to a state similiar to which it was found.