Welcome to Mount Baker for the 2015 Climbing Season!

The glacier overlook from survey rock

Hello visitors of Mount Baker and welcome for the 2015 climbing season. USFS Climbing Rangers have begun their patrols and are working hard to get you the latest route information from the mountain. Here are a couple important items to note before heading up for your hike or climb.

Conditions on the lower mountain are nearly two months ahead of schedule. 

All forest roads accessing the north and south routes on Mount Baker are open and clear to their respective trailheads. Due to low snow totals from the 2014-15 winter, the majority of trails on the mountain are already snow free. Overnight users will find most camps melted out with running water nearby.

The climbers trail up Heliotrope Ridge to Hogsback Camps

All visitors are expected to pack out their waste from the mountain. This includes human waste (poop), food scraps, packaging, wands, and anything else that was brought in with you. It is also greatly appreciated when visitors do their part to help protect the mountain by picking up any litter left on route or around camp. Please help us set a good example for other climbers and visitors. There will be no mountain toilets flown onto Mount Baker this season. Please be sure to use Blue Bags or a similar waste removal system for all human refuse. Blue Bags are offered free of charge from the USFS Visitor Centers in both Sedro-Woolley and Glacier. Please stop in to register for your climb and pick some up.

Lower seracs of the Coleman Glacier

Be sure to stay updated on your weather forecast prior to your trip. Storms are common on the mountain throughout the month of June, come prepared. All groups should be roped while travelling on the glacier and have knowledge in glacier travel and crevasse rescue.

Note: Unauthorized guiding is prohibited on Mount Baker. If you have hired a guide service for a trip on Mount Baker ensure its with an authorized USFS concessioned guide or outfitter. Thanks and enjoy your time on the mountain. Happy Climbing!