Welcome to Mount Baker for the 2016 Climbing Season!

Hello Mount Baker visitors and welcome back for 2016! The climbing rangers are working hard to climb the routes, take photos, and write observations. Click the Route Information links on the right of the page for the latest reports from each area.

Due to a warm spring, many of the trailheads in the Mount Baker National Forest are already clear of snow. Conditions on the glaciers are generally typical for late May and early June, with the winter snowpack still covering many of the campsites, creeks, and crevasses. However, the snow will be melting quickly and all visitors should use caution when crossing snow bridges over creeks, crevasses, moats, or other hazards.

Please remember to pack out all waste, including packaging, food scraps, and human waste. Mountain toilets will not be flown onto Mount Baker this year. Use blue bags or another waste removal system. Blue bags are available free of charge at the USFS Visitor Centers in Glacier and Sedro Woolley. Please stop in to register for your climb and pick up some blue bags. Help us protect our amazing resource and keep the wilderness clean for future visitors.

Click the NOAA Mountain Weather links on the right of the page for current forecasts at each location. Storms are common this time of year. Be prepared. All groups should be roped while climbing on the glacier, and have knowledge of glacier travel and crevasse rescue.

Thank you and have a great summer on Mount Baker!

Note: Guiding in the area without a permit, contract, or other written agreement from the Mount Baker National Forest is strictly prohibited.