2018 Mt Baker Climbing Season Begins

Welcome to spring on Mount Baker
Hello Mount Baker visitors! Another year of climbing, skiing, camping, and hiking has arrived. We just began our season and are working to climb the routes, take photos, and write conditions reports. Click the route links on the right for the most recent observations. We expect to post photos and observations for the main climbing routes within the next few weeks.

In the meantime, we can report that most forest service roads remain covered in snow well below trailheads and parking areas. Glacier Creek Road, the access to the Coleman-Deming route, is covered by snow about 1.5 miles from Heliotrope Ridge trailhead. Road #13, the access to the Easton route, is reportedly covered approximately 3.5 miles from Schreibers Meadow trailhead. It was a snowy winter in our area and other trailheads at similar elevations will likely be under snow as well.

Glacier Creek Road. 1.5 miles from trailhead.
If you do visit before trailhead parking melts out, please park courteously along the side of the road, leaving space for wide trucks, vans, and cars to get past.

When hiking, carefully assess snow bridges over rivers and other hazards. The snowpack can melt from below and might be much thinner than it initially appears. We prefer to travel on skis or snowshoes this time of year because they distribute our weight across the surface, reduce the chances of a fall, and are far more efficient than post-holing through soft snow.

Please, please, please make the effort to collect and pack out all human waste and garbage, including food scraps. Help us protect our water source and keep the mountain clean so everyone can enjoy it.  Happy climbing and skiing!